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All That Jazz Dance Academy

Student Helper Program

This program allows qualified dancers to help with a younger class and learn about teaching dance, possibly leading to a career in teaching. There is no fee for this wonderful program. It is free to ATJ students only.

    - Must be 8 years of age
    - Must take at least 3 hours of dance per week at All That Jazz
    - Must take class in the style you are helping with. (Example: If you help with hip-hop, you must take hip-hop, if you help with a young combo, you need tap, jazz and ballet)
    - Must adhere to the dress code at all time, and have neat hair and clothes

You must also:
    - Be on time to all classes and have few absences
    - Be kind to the children
    - Encourage kids to listen to the teacher

Things you will do in class: tie shoes, walk kids to the bathroom, hand out papers, demonstrate games and dance steps, sing and have fun with the kids. Smile!

Things you will not do in class: discipline the kids, give instructions, yell, talk, be disruptive.

TO APPLY: Fill out an application at the studio. Thank you.

* Please note that friends may not sign up together for the same class. This program is about helping the classes, not socializing. We cannot guarantee you can help on a day you already dance. List the times and days you are available and, if accepted, you will be assigned a class.