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I would like to share a story about my daughter Lidia M

I would like to share a story about my daughter Lidia M. Soto. In her first year at All That Jazz they had a show at an old folks home and Lee ran off stage in terror due to not having enough confidence to dance in front of a lot of people. Well, now after 7 years with Miss Debby and the ever so talented staff of teachers, and student teachers she is now a dedicated member of the talented and award winning competition team and Pre-Professional class. I know that many people think you only come here to dance, but that just wasn't the case for my daughter. She has overcome shyness and has developed a self-confidence not matched by many children her age. Miss Debby does EVERYTHING for these kids as if they were truly her own. She has developed friendships that will last forever. Thank you to everyone at All That Jazz Dance Academy for helping my daughter see that she truly CAN do it.

                                                 From the parents of Lidia M. Soto,

                                                                                   Tony and Mimi Soto