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Dear Ms

Dear Ms. Debby and Staff,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your staff of well trained and experienced dancers ( Mr. Rashawn, Miss. Shannon, Miss. Elise, Miss Tiff and Miss. Mary to name a few) for their hard work and dedication in helping to make All That Jazz one of the top dance schools in the Trenton area.

 When my daughter Jasmine first arrived at All That Jazz 5 years ago, she wasn’t enthusiastic about attending dance school, because the school (that shall remain nameless) that she had previously attended, wasn’t as interesting for kids her age. It couldn’t capture her passion for dance like All That Jazz has.

 My husband and I noticed the difference in Jasmine's attitude and skills after only a few months of attending All That Jazz. She never wanted to miss class, and in addition to the classes she already had she wanted to sign up for more classes. 

All That Jazz has given our daughter Jasmine the confidence and stamina she lacked. She gives her all when she dances and most importantly she enjoys herself as she dances and you can see it in her eyes.

 Jasmine has already exceeded my expectations of her as a dancer. I really didn’t think she had it in her to dance so well after witnessing her first 3 years at the other dance school. To my surprise she may now fulfill one of her dreams of becoming a great dancer or choreographer. Thanks to your encouragement and direction she  is well on her way. She already has one play under her belt (playing a party guest & Angel in the Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker).  

I’m very sure that if she continues her training under you and your staff she will be blessed with the chance of making her dream a reality and maybe someday you’ll receive a ticket in the mail to come and watch her on Broadway.

                                                                            Our Sincere Thanks,

                                                                                            The Rivera Family