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I love All That Jazz dance acade

I love All That Jazz Dance Academy! Itís relaxing to dance there. When I was little, I didnít go to All That Jazz; I went to a different dance school. I didnít like to dance there. I would never want to go, I would cry. Since I changed to All That Jazz I wanted to go every day, thatís how much I love it. Once my friends and family watched me dance they wanted to go there. All That Jazz allows me to express myself in dancing. All That Jazz is my second home from home. Everyone is my family there even people I donít know. The teachers there teach me moves I donít know, and then I practice at home. The next week Iím better at it. I love to dance, especially at All That Jazz. I would never trade it for anything else in the world.




                                                          Jasmine Rivera