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Fuccello Testimonial

Dear Debby,

            I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy your recital in June.  In the winter, Taylor Skwara, her mom and I went to see “The Lord of the Dance” together.  It was there that Taylor invited me to come to see her dance.  I am Taylor’s Physical Education teacher and of course I could tell immediately that Taylor was a dancer.  I also had the pleasure of being able to see DJudelynn DiManche and Christine DeLay (also my students) dance as well in the show.

            Having been a serious student of dance (many, many…) years ago and having danced many times at Kendal Hall myself while a student at Trenton State, it was a wonderful time for me to remember how dance has actually impacted my life.  I had loving dance teachers who helped to teach me not only technique but also instilled a sense of confidence in movement for me.  I was a teacher at the school and gained valuable experience that has helped me in my teaching career.  One of my teachers passed away at an early age (but I still hold the appreciation for her creativity in my heart); however, I am still close with the other one.  It is a relationship that will be forever important to me.

            I am telling you all of this because I could see that you and your staff are the same loving, kind and gentle people who are influencing your students in a positive way.  That was so evident when one of the student teachers came out on the stage during the afternoon performance and gracefully swooped up one of the younger students who just couldn’t find her way off of the stage.  How precious that moment was!

            It is easy to see that your students are well-trained dancers who have a passion for dance.  I felt so much love coming from the audience as well.  There definitely was a close family presence felt.  I had a wonderful time that afternoon.  Congratulations on your beautiful school and best of luck in the coming year!



                                                            Chris Fuccello