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All That Jazz Dance Academy

Dress codes for Girls:

      Leotard and tights, black, white or ballet pink.  Solid colors, no prints, designs or pictures please. Tights can be ballet pink, black, white, or tan. ATJ shirts or dance skirts can be worn over leotard and tights. No pantyhose or street clothes allowed. *Hip-hop...Leotard and tights as usual but BLACK OR PINK dance shorts or dance pants may be worn over top. NO street
clothes.  *Ballet...Hair in a bun, leotard and tights, optional skirt.

Dress codes for Boys:
      White, or ATJ T-shirt and BLACK sweat or dance pants, and socks.
Solid colors only. No shorts.


Hair, Make-up, and Jewelry:
      A neat clean appearance is required. Hair must be up in a bun with no hair in the face or the neck for all classes. A ponytail can be worn in Hip-hop only. Minimal make-up only. No glitter, tattoos, or bright make-up. No large clips or barrettes. Small jewelry only. No hoop earrings or large necklaces or bracelets.  Finger nails must be kept finger length or slightly longer, no long tips.

Your dance bag:
     Please keep all items in your bag labeled. We are not responsible for lost items. All shoes and items should be labeled and kept where they can be seen by each dancer. Make sure you always have: hair ties, bobby pins, band aids, aspirin and any other personal items you may need in your bag.

Shoes required:
For your convenience, we have a discount dance supply shop right here in our studio.  We sell leotards, tights, shoes, make-up, jewelry, dance novelties and gifts! Please make sure you have the correct dance shoes. Check this page at the beginning of each dance year.



Pre-School and 5-7 combo: Black kid's Tap shoes (Shiny with ties), Pink Ballet slippers with one strap
$18 each in our shop

Ballet 2 and up: Pink Ballet slippers with one strap, split sole $22

Lyrical 1 and 2: Capezio Footundeez $20, any color for class (Your skin color for the show)

Lyrical Wed. 7:00: Tan low boots $49

8-11 combo: Tan low boots $49, Tan low heel Mary Jane Tap shoes $30-$52 (DO NOT BUY PAY-LESS BRAND TAPS)

12 and up Jazz: Tan low boots $49, Black knee pads $12

13 and up Tap: TBA

Hip-Hop ages 5-11: Black Jazz Oxfords without laces $37, Black knee pads $12

Musical Theater: Tan low boots $49



Ballet/Pre-school/5-7 Combo...Black boy Ballet shoes $17

Jazz... Black Jazz Oxfords $37

Tap...Black boy Tap shoes $26 and up

Hip-Hop...Black Jazz Oxfords $37

Musical Theater...Black Jazz Oxfords $37

Boys Street Funk:  Black Jazz Oxfords without laces $37