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All That Jazz Dance Academy

Important dates, Class Schedule, and Class Descriptions:

 Updated on 1/11/2016

*Tuition is due the first week of each month. If you are absent, pay the following week. If 
you are present, pay the following week with the $8 late fee included. If tuition is still due
at the end of the month the student may not take class until it is paid in full.
Thank you.

September 17  We are open!!!  Sept. tuition is due at your first class.

October 10
 Closed for Columbus Day
October 20-25  
October 24-29
Wear your Halloween costume to class
October 31  Closed for Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

November 1 
 ALL costume deposits are due!  $
November 2  ALL costume deposits are late, add $10 late fee
November 23  Holiday Decorating Pizza Party! 6-8pm $10

November 23-27  
Closed-Thanksgiving Break. Have a wonderful holiday!

Decmeber 8-14 PARENTS WEEK! 
December 14 
Last day before Winter Break
December 15
Closed for Winter Break

Happy 2017!

January 11  Classes resume (tuition is whole) $
January 16-21  BRING MY FRIENDS WEEK! (Open on the 16th!)

February 1  COSTUME MONEY IS DUE!  No exceptions. No credit cards. $ 
February 2  Costumes go up $10 each no exceptions
February 7  All late costume money is due 
April 1  Order your Program Ads during April
April 10-15 Spring Break
April 21-23
Showstopper Competition April 29 Last day to pay with a check / Ads are due

May 1  No more checks accepted.  May / June IS DUE! $
May 16  
Early DVD orders due

May 26-29 Studio closed have a safe weekend!

June 5  DRESS REHEARSAL at Bordentown Regional High School
June 10  SHOW DAY! Bordentown Regional High School


All That Jazz Dance Academy
Fall 2016-2017 class schedule

Studio A / Studio B


5:30    Pre-school  / 
Combo 5-7 yrs

6:30    Hip-hop 5-7yrs  /  Combo 8-12 yrs

7:30    8-9:30pm Advanced Competition Team


5:30    Pre-school  / 
Hip-hop 8-12 yrs

6:30    Ballet II  /  Ballet III

7:30    Musical Theater 8-12 yrs  / Advanced Musical Theater 

8:30    Dance Solo  /  Advanced Pointe


6:00    Lyrical II

7:00    Lyrical III  /  Lyrical III

8:00    Jazz  /  Jazz 13 yrs & up

9:00    Adv Hip-hop  /  Hip-hop 13 yrs & up


5:30    Combo 5-7 yrs

6:30    Lyrical I  /  Ballet III & Adv

7:30    Voice Solo  /  Contemporary

8:30   Voice Solo / Tap 12 and up 


5:30    Ballet II  /  Hip-hop 8-12 yrs

6:30    Combo 8-12 yrs  /  Combo 8-12 yrs

8:00    Lyrical II  /  Hip-hop 8-12 yrs


11:30   Pre-school  /  Hip-hop 5-7 yrs

12:30   Dance Solos  /  Combo 5-7 yrs

1:30    Lyrical I  /  Pre-Professional

2:30    Dance Solos / Competition

3:30   Competition

Our Ballet classes are a combination of styles including French, Classical and Contemporary Ballet. Ballet has a long history and is a dance form characterized by grace, precision of movement and technique. Students will develop poise, coordination and control as well as a feeling for the music and a sense of accomplishment. Ballet is essential for anyone who is serious about dance, looking for good technique in all dance forms, or a future in dance.  Ballet is highly recommended.

Pointe is an advanced ballet class that allows older girls to dance on Pointe shoes. This class is open to students who have a strong background in Ballet and have a thorough understanding of Ballet terms and body placement. Students must be approved by Miss Debby in order to enroll in this class, and to advance onto Pointe shoes.

Hip-Hop is a modern form of Jazz dance that includes, popping, locking and fast movements. Hip-hop is a great second or third class, but taking just Hip-hop is not recommended for a full dance education.  Our Hip-hop is cutting edge as we train in NYC.  We also have guest teachers directly from Madonna, Britney Spears and others' MTV videos.

Jazz dance has a foundation of Ballet as well as some Funk and Hip-hop styles. Jazz dance includes a solid technique base and is creative and exciting.  Jazz is a wonderful base class, along with Ballet.

Our Tap classes include the most up to date style, Rhythm Tap, as well as Broadway style and basic Tap technique.  This form of dance teaches, rhythm, strength and coordination.  Muscle memory exercises are an intricate part of Tap. 


Lyrical is a dance style that brings Ballet and Jazz together.  Lyrical dances often tell a story, and emphasize flexibility, grace, leaps, turns and emotion.  Our Lyrical competition team has won multiple high scores and special awards.  Students love this class as it requires expression and passion.

This fun Jazz class includes acting, singing and props.  Broadway musicals are explored, and performed. Characters are developed and studied. Some past pieces these classes have performed are; Beauty and the Beast, Wicked, Dream Girls and Annie.  This Jazz style especially teaches confidence and personality.

This class is open to dancers ages 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.  It includes Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Creative Movement.  The dancers learn to move and control their bodies, take turns and socialize.  A love for dance is born in this class!

This combo class is the next step after Pre-school Combo. Jazz, Tap and Ballet are included just like the Pre-school class, and kids are challenged according to their own abilities.


This combo class is for the next age group up, 8-12 year olds.  Ballet is a small part of this class and dancers are encouraged to take an hour of Ballet in addition.  Ballet is highly recommended at this time.  Tap and Jazz are taught as well and dancers work on technique and strength.

Our Acro classes teach strength, flexibility and tricks. This class will greatly improve your dancing.  Bare feet is required and a mat is used.

This class is for boys only. Learn Break dance steps and tricks from our Break Dance expert. You will learn, footwork, freezes and all the terminology.

Private lessons and classes with a master voice teacher. Learn correct breathing techniques, pronunciation and timing.  A must for any aspiring performer. 


Choose a song, and learn a 1 of a kind "first dance" for your wedding!  Or learn partner/ballroom dance for a special occasion.  $30 per half hour. 



All That Jazz offers private lessons to any student, any age looking for one on one instruction or extra practice time.
The option to perform in the recital is open to students who make dance a priority and who meet the following requirements: (Please read carefully!)

-Age 8 and up 
-Danced for at least 1 year at All That Jazz.
-Must have taken Ballet at All That Jazz for at least one year.
-Must take at least 4.5 hours of dance minimum per week at All That Jazz September thru June 
-Must take class in the summer at All That Jazz the summer before the show, and every summer after.
-Must take at least 3 summer classes.
-Must take Ballet class at All That Jazz September thru June.
-Must have excellent attendance for all classes, and an excellent attitude at all times.
-Must take class in the same style of dance as your solo.
-Must attend all extra workshops and master classes.
-Must come to solo practice ready to work hard and must remember all steps given the week before.

You are ready for a solo in the show when: have made a serious commitment to yourself and your dancing. are willing to practice on your own at home. are willing and able to take your solo dance apart, count by count and know technically what each step requires. are willing to rehearse your dance full out every time in the studio to build stamina. take corrections well and apply them. have a possitive attitude in class.

-Payment is due at the time of each lesson in CASH.
-Lessons must be scheduled weekly until the dance is 3/4 completed, then lessons can be every other week.
-Lessons are $30 per half hour/$20 per person for a duet ($35 total for siblings doing a duet together).

*24 hour cancellation notice must be given to avoid being charged for a missed lesson.

*Lessons are mostly taught by Miss Debby but occasionally may be taught by another ATJ teacher.

*Lessons will be scheduled at a time that works for everyone.

*ATJ Director must allow the student to perform in the recital. Any solo dance that has not been practiced at home and is not at a high quality level will not participate so you must work hard.

~Dance Like No One is Watching!