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All That Jazz Dance Academy

      Attendance is very important. Please make sure your dancer is present and on time for all classes. If for some reason a class must be missed, please call or e mail to let us know. Make-up classes are available within 2 weeks of the missed class. Tuition is not reduced due to missed classes, but you can always make up the time.

Parents and the waiting room:
- Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class time to drop off, no earlier, the same for pickup.  Or you are welcome to wait in one of our waiting areas.
- Make sure your dancer does not wear dance shoes outside. They are to carry them in a dance bag and change in the waiting room.
- No children under 12 can be left in the waiting room alone. Do not leave siblings or friends unattended.
- Do not leave dirty diapers anywhere in the studio, take them with you.
- Only water is allowed in the studio, no juice or soda. Please be neat and treat the school as if it were your home.
- Dancers are to keep their water bottles in their bags at all times.
- Spring Water and snacks can be purchased in the studio for $1 each.

Gum and smoking:
NO gum is allowed anywhere in the studio or parking lot.  Please do not spit gum on the ground. Smoking is prohibited in the studio and parking lot. If you must smoke, do so in your car with the windows rolled up. We are a NON-SMOKING FACILITY, INSIDE AND OUT.

Here at ALL THAT JAZZ we believe in respect. Respect for children, parents, teachers and each other. When in the studio, please behave in a respectful manner at all times. We reserve the right to REMOVE ANY DANCER/FAMILY from our student body who behaves poorly, verbally or otherwise. No refunds will be given.

Students Michelle and Rashawn, when they were younger! 
They have danced at Six Flags Great Adventure where
Rashawn was park choreographer for 5 years.